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Affordable and excellent SEO services with a return on your investment in mind

Do you need more organic traffic, higher online visibility, or more leads ? Our search engine optimisation services will deliver more growth, rankings for more keywords, generate more traffic and leads.

Our SEO services in Kenya assist you to develop an SEO foundation that meets both your marketing objectives and your budget. Establishing strong SEO strategies drives organic traffic to your company’s website and helps in the visibility of your company in the SERPs (search engine results pages) like Google, Bing & Yahoo. 

SEO beyond Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO Work Process

PAGE agency offers you the following SEO services to fully optimize your website:

This includes a strength and weakness analysis of potential competitors.

We indentify words and phrases that most potential clients search for on the search engines.

Increase your authority on the internet by increasing the number of sites that link content back to your website.

Sitemap tells the search engines what content is on your website and where to find them.

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Involves us identifying and removing inefficiencies in your site’s performance

This usually involves increasing your website’s local visibility in order to achieve excellent targeted results.

Get your website pages ready for ranking on the search engines. We optimise every aspect to the best web standards.

Make your online store show at the top of the search results when people are searching for products and services.

We optimise your website for search queries originating from smartphones and tablets- the most used devices to access the internet.

SEO Packages in Kenya

Our SEO services packages and pricing vary differently depending on the size of the business and the strategy to use. We customize our SEO packages pricing to accommodate small to medium-sized businesses.

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